Undernet banned, users removed

For 2½ years now, even back when I was a part of GeekBouncer, there has been a continuous history with the UnderNet network having problems. Servers would crash/die frequently, inconsistency with connection limits between the servers (some would have 5, others would have 2), and obviously the inevitable user abuse. Not only have the UnderNet servers become targets of DDoS attacks many times, but those abusers who would never get a user account and userhost (the name.users.undernet.org cloak) would end up bringing DDoS attacks upon the BNC servers.

Most of our users are pretty much aware that I have suspended the network many times in the past for one reason or another, and that last October I ended up suspending and removing accounts due to a mass of G-lines from the network. At the start of this year (January 1st, 2013), I opened the network back up for our users. However, the most recent multiple-day DDoS attack that UnderNet underwent this past week has ended up being double jeopardy for our service. Not only were users unable to connect and sometimes get killed for exceding session limits, but it forced UnderNet themselves to take actions that drastically impacted EliteBNC.

The network listed several of our BNC’s IP’s to DroneBL, a database that many IRC networks use to keep so-called trouble IP’s off their networks. Subsequently, their listing of our IP’s affected many users across at least 8 other network that were suddenly k-lined/z-lined/otherwise banned. As of last night, I made the decision that UnderNet was simply too much trouble and headache to continue to deal with. The network is now permanently banned and all users have been removed, and this is mostly due to the fact that I cannot allow UnderNet to keep listing our IP’s to DroneBL and affect so many of our other users. I’m sorry to those long-time UnderNet users that suddenly find themselves without a home on our service, but this situation had left me with no other choice.

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