(last update: 2019/01/11)

Most of the current staff of EliteBNC came together volunteering their servers and/or services for other free bouncer services, including GeekBouncer, BNC4FREE, PanicBNC, and others. In late January of 2012, Robby and Armageddon decided to start this service, with a better commitment to not just supporting the users, but stronger stability of the service itself. We took extra time to get this service set up properly instead of just rushing into things, and that has reflected in the product we bring to you. The service officially opened February 6th, 2012, at Noon, U.S. Eastern Time. In the months after we opened, new innovations came about (such as the globally installed *admin module for our users, internal *report module so users don’t have to join one of our IRC channels to report a problem, pre-loading of the *q module for our QuakeNet users, pre-loading of the *sasl module for networks with this protocol, pre-loading of the *nickserv module for networks using NickServ services, pre-loading of the *chansaver module on all users, channel settable *buffextras module, and more), and the response has been above expectations. We are sure you will enjoy your stay with us.

We welcome you to be part of the Elite… EliteBNC!


Robby (USA) – Owner, General Manager, Accounts Administrator, Email Manager, Website Administrator, Servers Administrator, Service Bot Developer, Owner of Chi/Epsilon/Omega/Rho/Sigma/Theta/Xi servers, staff on AtomicEdge/Abjects/Rizon IRC networks.
Boomer` (AUS) – Co-Owner, Domain Owner, Accounts Administrator, Email Manager, Channel Support Specialist.
rails (AUS) – Hosting Owner, Servers Administrator/Technician, Staff on AtomicEdge/Rizon/DareNet IRC networks.
MAGIC (DE) – Accounts Administrator, Email Manager, Owner of Delta, Rizon IRC staff.

Honorary Staff:

ChasedSpade (USA) – Owner of Gamma, former EliteBNC staff.
Telume (USA) – Owner of Alpha server, AtomicEdge Owner

Server Locations/IP Counts:

Alpha – Atlanta, Georgia, United States – 4 IPv4, 8 IPv6
Chi – Ashburn, Virginia, United States – 2 IPv4, 10 IPv6
Delta – Nuremberg, Germany – 3 IPv4, 9 IPv6
Epsilon – Atlanta, Georgia, United States – 4 IPv4, 16 IPv6
Gamma – Montreal, Quebec, Canada – 8 IPv4
Omega – Alblasserdam, Netherlands – 4 IPv4, 16 IPv6
Rho – Frankfurt, Germany – 2 IPv4, 10 IPv6
Sigma – New York City, New York, United States – 2 IPv4, 10 IPv6
Theta – Seattle, Washington, United States – 3 IPv4, 9 IPv6
Xi – Los Angeles, California, United States – 2 IPv4, 10 IPv6

All IPv6′s are native. All servers except Gamma have at least a /64 for use.