Q: Can I ask how you can give away free BNC’s? (many people have asked this)
A: All servers are donated for our use by the server owners, with the philosophy of helping to keep the internet and internet services FREE. Several servers already exist for other things, such as webhosting, IRCs, etc. ZNC is just another process added to the server. I thank each and every person who continues to help keep this service alive.

Owner/General Manager

Welcome to EliteBNC, a free BNC service for IRC users with integrity and years of combined experience. Our goal is to always be the elite with our service, placing our emphasis on support and reliability for our users with quick response times on requests, reports, and any issue affecting our users. Also, our abuse prevention techniques are among the top of the free BNC provider business, further insuring less problems for our users. Please note: We only use customized ZNC software, we do not offer psyBNC or sBNC. You can make a request via our Request page, or join one of our IRC request channels:

#EliteBNC on…
irc.atomicedge.org 6667, SSL 6697, IPv4/IPv6
irc.freenode.net 6667, SSL 6697/7000, IPv4/IPv6
irc.rizon.net 6667, SSL 6697/9999, IPv4/IPv6
irc.esper.net 6667, SSL 6697, IPv4/IPv6
irc.quakenet.org 6667, NO SSL, IPv6 on irc6.quakenet.org
irc.abjects.net 6667, SSL 6697/9999, IPv4/IPv6

Once you have joined the IRC channel, you can type !list for a list of all available commands. For those who wish to keep their email out of the public channel, you may always send your request info to [email protected] (please allow a few hours for email request processing). Welcome to our service. Welcome to the Elite. We hope you enjoy your stay with us!

Added Info:
Our servers use ports 1337, 2112, 10000 and SSL ports 1338, 10001 for connecting purposes.
Make sure you are able to use these ports. IPv4 connects only, IPv6 is not set up.
KiwiIRC users, we no longer allow this webclient to connect.
Please do not request if you were planning to use it for connecting.

#EliteBNC RELAY channels (help for users, no requesting) on…
irc.undernet.org 6667, NO SSL, IPv6 on irc6.undernet.org
irc.snoonet.org 6667, SSL 6697, IPv4/IPv6
irc.mindforge.org 6667, SSL 6697, no IPv6
irc.dal.net 6667, SSL 6697, IPv6 on ipv6.dal.net

*This website is still (and probably always will be) unfinished. We continue to make supporting our users, the servers, software, and the services our priorities, which is where our priorities should be. The exception here will likely be the Rules page which will be updated with any new information. Check back from time to time to see if there are any updates. Thanks for dropping by!

(last updated: 2019/01/11)