last updated: 2019/01/11

Please, above all else, remember that this is a FREE service and should be thought of as such. We do not have paid staff, therefore assistance may not always be available. We will process any requests or reports as soon as someone from our staff is available.

The Rules:
1) Each user is restricted to 1 account per IRC network, 5 accounts total unless other arrangements are made. Attempted hoarding of accounts may result in you being banned from our service.
2) Do not break any rule of the IRC network your account is assigned to. This includes ban evading, spamming, repeated flooding, harassment of the network’s staff, or any other rules the IRC network may have in place.
3) Do not use our service for anything illegal, such as filesharing, child pornography, or soliciting children in an inappropriate manner. This will lead to your immediate removal from our service.
4) Our service bot monitors account activity (connecting IPs, time online/offline. We do NOT log text at all, either on channel, query or otherwise as per User Privacy regulations). We know when an account is banned/z:lined/k:lined/etc. This may lead to your account being removed, or at minimum blocked until we know the reason the IRC network took that action. G:lines for “too many host connections” or similar kills that are usually the result of issues on the network’s end are not counted.
5) Any account not accessed (used via IRC client) after 5 days of being accepted will be deleted as an ‘unused account’. Setting it up via the webpanel and parking it in channels does not count as being accessed. If you do not receive the information email or have problems accessing your account, please contact the staff.
6) Any account less than 180 days old that is idle for 30 days or more will be auto-removed unless you contact the staff. If you have had your account for 180 days, the idle time is 45 days before being removed, or if over 1 year old the idle time is 60 days. Lottery and users that have made donations get at least 90 days idle time.
7) Any ‘parking’ account set up then idle for 7 or more days will be removed. If you don’t use it, you lose it.

We do not allow our users to change their IRC servers on their own. If you need to have the IRC server changed or additional servers for the same IRC network added, please contact staff in one of the IRC #EliteBNC channels (see the list on our home page), or via email at: .

Thanks, EliteBNC staff.