Sigma’s DDoS and EFnet situation, GeekBouncer invite

As many of our users know, Sigma had fallen victim to daily DDoS attacks for several consecutive days this week. We were finally able to figure out which user was responsible for this and have removed their account. This user, once again just like the Rho DDoS attacks last month, had their account for the EFnet network. This is now the second confirmed user on EFnet that has brought this problem upon our servers, and I suspect some of the other recent DDoS attacks on other servers such as Alpha, Xi and Zeta are also EFnet related. As of yesterday, I put in place a 30-day request suspension for EFnet. However, the ongoing discussion with the rest of the staff is about whether or not we should outright ban any future accounts to the network. I am leaning heavily in that direction, as EliteBNC simply cannot continue to take these kinds of attacks. It was suggested that we only allow IPv6 accounts to EFnet. When the suspension ends and if we are going to allow new accounts to EFnet, this will be the case. For now, it’s just a “wait and see” situation for us to figure out if it is worth the risk. We will be posting more information about our decision on this matter in a couple of weeks.

In a recent turn of events, EliteBNC was invited by the owners of GeekBouncer (J0rd4n and Ishaq) to set up on their IRC network, Obsidian-IRC (server GeekBouncer is either being sold or will simply shut down, and they want our service to take over helping the users that connect there looking to request a BNC. The owners, plus the rest of the GeekBouncer staff, have made the decision to move forward in their lives and that they no longer have the time or interest in running the service. We set up our channel on Obsidian-IRC several days ago, and as of now it is running the relay bot. More than likely, this will become an official EliteBNC network with the official bot in the next couple of weeks. I want our service to get some things settled first before we expand, though. We have 1 server that is going to move to a new host, and I want to make sure the DDoS situation for all our servers has settled down. It simply wouldn’t be wise to try expanding when there are issues that could affect the new users.

Our expansion could also include us putting a channel on the Bitsjoint IRC network. The BNC service running there could be merging into EliteBNC, bringing us additional servers and IP’s to work with. The details are not worked out yet, but we will keep our users informed if and when things develop.

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