Robby’s departure

For years now, my mom has had several what one would think of as ‘bad falls’ and always hit her head… yet she would get back up (eventually) and walk away from it with only her pride bruised a bit. 2 weeks ago today, she had another bad fall. This time, though, she didn’t hit her head. Instead, she broke her hip. She had surgery the next day and from all indications she had a great chance of recovering physically. The problem is, this time it’s the mental collapse, not the physical collapse, that has done the most damage. After talking to my sister last night, there was no doubt that mom is giving up, isn’t eating much or making much effort to help herself, and will be passing from this life soon. Hospice will be taking over caring for her to comfort and ease her pain until the day comes.

Obviously, this is a dramatic event for the family and I. I will be leaving EliteBNC, and IRC as a whole, when the time comes… and most likely I won’t be coming back anytime soon. The passing of my dad 12 years ago took a huge emotional toll on me, and I know this will be as well. Being on here is not where I will want to be.

The rest of the staff and I will be deciding who will take over my position, and find someone who can run the service bot… or, if we simply need to discontinue this service. These will be decided in the coming days.

Farewell, fellow EliteBNCer’s
General Manager

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