New Positives…

As much as I was upset, annoyed, and even very angry in the last news post, 3 events have happened that are worth noting.

1) To my total surprise, Omega was replaced and improved by a long shot
2) When Rho’s owner ended up in the hospital, I thought for sure that server was going… but it won’t
3) For the first time since November last year, we have 1000 accounts!

Okay, granted it’s likely this is just a temporary stroke of ‘good fortune’. The fact is, it won’t take much bullshit and I will be right back to wanting to quit. A couple of really stupid users already put me close to that point. But, I must admit, having some positive ‘accomplishments’ happen does make me feel better… I am sure everyone reading this can agree. In any case, I am still spending less time with EliteBNC and will continue to do so. The other real ‘positive’ I can say is that we are finally out of DDoS Season 2013 and things (on that front) are finally stablizing. As long as things are at least tolerable, I’ll be around. Thanks again to our users who have always been awesome users, but helped out when they could.

As for you idiot/fucktard/asshold abusers: DON’T FUCK WITH ME ANYMORE. You will get shit in return if you do. That’s all I need to say…

EliteBNC General Manager

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