DDoS Season 2014

Those who were around a year ago know about the massive amount of headaches the EliteBNC staff went through. DDoS Season 2013 when said and done cost us dearly with the loss of several BNC servers. Unfortunately, it looks like the same situation has already developed again this year.

As has become obvious, the EliteBNC service itself was under a major DDoS attack a while ago. The result: 5 servers were hit, 3 are still down (Alpha, Kappa, Omega) all apparently null-routed by the hosts. The time table for the return of those servers is unknown at this time. Requests are halted until tomorrow until we know the full extent of the damages.

Since the start of May, we have now had 7 servers attacked: Alpha, Epsilon, Gamma, Kappa, Lambda, Omega, Rho. The probability that we may have lost at least 1 server today is very real, and possibly 3 more could be on the verge of being terminated. The likelyhood of these being replaced does not exist at this time. They will be total losses if that is the case.

As of today, all networks without default hostmasking (automatic masking of the connecting IP) are indefinitely suspended, including: QuakeNet, IRCnet, EFNet, DALnet, OFTC, GRNet, PTNet, EsperNet. Freenode is exempt from this list simply because we have an ILine with the network and ALL of our IP’s are automatically cloaked on connect. QuakeNet is for certain going to be suspended until at least August 1st as this is the network I suspect the most bringing today’s attack upon us because of the recent closing of the “Brainlag” free service due to DDoS attacks and the users coming to EliteBNC. This is when the mass of recent attacks on our servers started. There is no such thing as “coincidence” in this matter.

More info will be coming soon.

General Manager
EliteBNC Free IRC Bouncer Service

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