A long time coming…


So much has happened since the last News post… I don’t know where to begin. Obviously, though, the fact is that “EliteBNC” has been extremely FAR from ‘elite’ for over 6+ months. I was more than ready to quit a number of times over these last months. This has been far below my standards, and I have had little control over it. I don’t pay into it, I don’t own any of the servers, I don’t own the domain… I just have the time to take care of the users. In the end, I resigned myself as “Co-Owner” and resided myself to just being the “General Manager”, which honestly I don’t mind. This is what I am best at. So here is a list of what MAJOR things have happened:

1) EFnet and IRCnet permanently banned because of DDoS crap.
2) Moving our homebase from Infinity-IRC to BitsJoint-IRC because of massive instability on the first net.
3) Loss of Omega server, terminated by the host because of excessive DDoS attacks.
4) Loss of Xi server, because the server’s owner disappeared and didn’t renew it.
5) Firing of Iota due to leaking private info.
6) The end of ‘relay’ channels being used for requests, etc. as a result of Iota’s firing.
7) The EliteBNC.net domain expired because the current staff didn’t control it (owned by a former staff, who didn’t check and let it expire).
8) BuyVM’s moving of Alpha to their new location in Las Vegas, causing a few outtages.
9) Moving of Theta to a new host because of hosting issues.
10) The new domain EliteBNC.ORG is up and under OUR control.
11) a few room closures and openings during this whole period. Current rooms are on our main page now, www.elitebnc.org
12) Mostly, the fact all of the current staff of EliteBNC have REAL LIVES, and not as much time to put into this anymore. Just accept this fact. This is IRC, it’s not that important.

This is where we stand now. At minimum, we are back to being a ‘real’ service with a website, email ability, and webpanels accessible by our new domain name. We hired a new staff to take care of hours the main staff are not around. But, the fact is, we are still a FREE service and you users need to accept us as such. Also, we are working closely with PanicBNC and BNC4FREE to curtail abuse of all 3 services. All 3 of us have a mutual respect with each other, and this does nothing but help each service out. I’m happy to be a part of this ‘unity’.

While I’m at it, there is some new shit upstart service that has done nothing but steal ideas of our 3 services. Seemingly, they have been DDoS’ing our friends at PanicBNC lately, and attacked our newest staff member a couple of days ago. For now, their IP’s are banned from our rooms on a permanent basis. I won’t mention the name, just because of ‘privacy’ rules… but, it starts with an “M”. Enough said.

I do apologize for being a part of allowing our service to fall to such a low level. The fact is, I gave up caring about it much. I am trying to do better again, so just take this for what it is… my words on this post. It may happen, it may not. I’m not going to make excuses for ‘real life’ stuff. That’s basically it.

Thanks for those of you who have stuck around. Hopefully, we are moving forward again and will be around for some time to come.

General Manager,

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