With EliteBNC celebrating 5 years in service in 2017 (February 6th), it was time to expand some exceptions for our users (especially for those who have donated… thank you!), and add 2 new restrictions. In 2017, the following will happen:

New Expansions:
1) We are increasing to 5 BNC’s per regular user limit. 1 per network STILL applies.
2) This is already in effect, but BNC’s to our home network (AtomicEdge, irc.atomicedge.org) DO NOT COUNT towards that limit.
3) DONATORS (revised 2017/01/15): Idle time for your BNC’s is now 100 days plus 50 days for every $5 U.S. donated. Your donation(s) will be split equally across all BNC’s that you may have (2 BNC’s and $10 donated, each BNC will get $5 added). We don’t have a ‘premium’ service, so this is the alternative. For an extra BNC, or a BNC to a banned or suspended network, please contact Robby for details.

New Restrictions:
NEW NETWORKS: Any request for an IRC/network not in our database, that IRC will be required to have at least 100 users. New/Non-Established/Private servers under 100 users are no longer going to meet our criteria to be added to our database. The 5½-year+ history of this service has proven that these IRC’s rarely survive and are not worth our time and trouble. Over 95% of such BNC requests are deleted within 30 days or less.

IPV6 BNC’S: Due to the rapid increase of DDoS against IPv6 in recent years and the fact almost all hosts cannot handle DDoS on IPv6, we will only use it to those networks we deem ‘safe’. EFNet, IRCnet, and DALnet are among those we no longer support for IPv6. We are no longer supporting QuakeNet for IPv6 either, but that is based on their only having 1 IPv6-capable server and it hasn’t been stable the past year, leaving the BNC’s unable to connect to the network if their IRC server fails.